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Shelflife presents the new album Blue Field from The Luxembourg Signal available October 13th on limited edition LP vinyl, CD and digital formats on Shelflife and Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten (for Europe).

With the release of their first single and debut album on Shelflife in 2014, The Luxembourg Signal quickly found a loyal following among fans of dream pop/indie pop music, and received enthusiastic reviews for their pop sensibilities, angelic vocals and lush soundscapes. Since the debut release, the band's lineup of Beth Arzy & Betsy Moyer (vocals), Johnny Joyner (guitars), Brian Espinosa (drums) and Ginny Pitchford (keyboards) has been expanded with the addition of Kelly Davis (guitars) and Daniel Kumiega (bass).

The seven-piece played a handful of shows in the UK and Europe in the summer of 2015 to promote their debut album, including a Sunday evening performance at Indietracks that many cited as one of the highlights of the weekend. 2015 also saw the release of a split 7" single with Soft Science (Test Pattern Records), which featured a remix of Dying Star by Robert Hampson (Loop/Main).

For their follow-up LP, Blue Field, The Luxembourg Signal returned to the studio with engineer Mark Rains and produced an album that reveals a bolder, more developed sound with a darker undertone. The album's first single "Laura Palmer," released on 7" in June, earned immediate admiration from fans across the globe. The new LP also features special guest vocals from Bobby Wratten (Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars) on the reflective track "Fall Feeling."

Praise for The Luxembourg Signal:

"Prepare for shimmery, 90s-inspired guitars, a smattering of distortion, and a splash of sweetness."
- Under The Radar

"Energetic guitar and punchy drums with just enough early 90s shoegaze-inspired distortion to give the whole thing a squinting-in-the-desert-sun vibe."
- The Line of Best Fit

"Hopefully, the Phoenix has risen and the ashes of Aberdeen have ignited the brilliant flame of The Luxembourg Signal."
- Big Takeover

The touchstones of dream pop and C86 are evident, but based on the these tracks The Luxembourg Signal is a noisier, more muscular brand of guitar pop than fans of the members' other band might expect -- perhaps more Popguns that Trembling Blue Stars. And once you hear it, you will have no complaints whatsoever. This could well be one of your new favorite bands.
- When You Motor Away

"a jangling, slightly astral trip down Ennui Lane, the kind of thing no self-respecting dream-pop band would be ashamed to have in its arsenal."
- Buzzbands

"This evokes memories of late-era Sarah Records output, and the insistent drum track makes it all the more urgent. Meanwhile, crystalline guitars spider in and out, up and down, around and about to hypnotise you in the sweetest of ways. It's a might statement of intent."
- A Layer of Chips

"you're alredy in love with the band, and you haven't even heard them yet."
- Austin Town Hall

The Luxembourg Signal
Blue Field

Limited Pink vinyl
Milky Clear vinyl
Release date: October 13, 2017
Catalogue number: LIFE154
Pressing: 100 copies in limited pink vinyl and 150 copies on milky clear vinyl for North America
Artwork by: Michael Stickley

1. There's Nothing More Beautiful Than A Well-Made Machine
2. Atomic no. 10
3. Antarctica
4. Blue Field
5. Shipwreck
6. Are You Numb?
7. Fall Feeling
8. Slow Delayed Heart
9. Laura Palmer
10. What You're Asking For

Mike Turner
Crashing Through Publicity

Cover art hi-res