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Note: Vinyl release date is now September 8. Preorders will ship as soon as we have the LPs in stock.

Following the two fantastic singles that the band has put out in the past, Shelflife and Fastcut Records are incredibly excited to be releasing the debut full-length by Chicago's Star Tropics. Lost World cements the band's pop songwriting prowess, and its nine tracks all have equal likelihood of ending up ingrained in your brain.

Formed after a chance meeting thanks to an early Smiths b-side, Star Tropics have been playing shows since 2012, including a performance at the 2013 NYC Popfest. Their previously released singles "By My Side" (b/w "Tempest") and "Summer Rain" (b/w "Swept Away") have established Star Tropics as a group that fans of dreamy, jangly pop need to keep their eyes on. With Lost World, the band is here to show established followers and newly earned fans alike that their talent isn't just confined to singles. Featuring "Summer Rain" seated comfortably beside eight new songs, the album sees Star Tropics perfecting their already sharpened craft.

The band has said that their sound can be characterized as "equal parts celebratory and introspective," a description that holds truer than ever on the new LP. "Windfall," the album's first track (and only instrumental), wastes no time in enveloping the listener in warm nostalgia. Lush guitars are painted over with a Rickenbacker lead and refreshingly melodic bassline; all of which are sounds that the group employs beautifully throughout Lost World as a whole. Like many smart bands, though, Star Tropics don't play all their cards right off the bat. It's not until the third track, "Another Sunny Day," that we hear the tandem vocals of guitarist Nikki and bassist Loren in full effect. The gentleness of their voices blend together beautifully, a strength that the band is acutely aware of. "All The Way To Heaven" sees them both trade off and join together on vocal duties in a way that brings to mind English indie-poppers Veronica Falls.

Lost World is packed with captivating guitar leads and melodies, equally jangly and shimmering, that provide the perfect palette on which Nikki and Loren can mix even more infectious vocal colors. Even when they opt for the solo vocals, like Nikki's on album centerpiece "Sparrow," these songs shine. Star Tropics have created something memorable with Lost World, and it will be stuck with you long after listening, whether you like it or not--but we're willing to bet on the former.

Praise for Star Tropics:

"Chicago's Star Tropics play dream pop of the vary jangliest variety. It's no surprise, then, that they count Sarah Records artists among their influences. New single 'Summer Rain' is full of twinkling guitar melodies and dual male-female vocals that echo the romanic flurry of Slowdive."
- NME Magazine (July 11, 2015 issue)

"It is simple and pure music that latches on in an instant."
- Chicago Tribune

"This is the kind of beautiful, dreamy pop that you usually have to pay an embarrassing amount of money to import from elsewhere, but this band lives in your neighborhood and plays free shows all the damn time."
- Store Brand Soda

"jangly boy/girl dreampop immediately grabbed me"
- Without My Echo

"Blending boy/girl vocals on top of stunning Rickenbacker leads hooks, a healthy dose of fuzzy rhythms and a pulsating drum beat, their songs can be described as equal parts celebratory and introspective. Their sound is a full on sonic attack of dream-pop swirls with a melodic post-punk temperament! Beautifully crafted vocal harmonies sail along catchy guitar riff's & addictive bass lines to sooth your eardrums as you float alongside the tracks with ease."
- Primal Music Blog

"this band is special, and they should be at the top of your watch list of up-and-comers."
- Austin Town Hall

"fresh and jangly and summery and essentially pop"
- From Pop 2 Top

Star Tropics
Lost World

Limited White Vinyl

Japanese fans: order on vinyl/cd from Fastcut Records
Release date:
digital July 7, 2017
LP September 8, 2017
Catalogue number: LIFE146
Pressing: limited edition LP on white vinyl
Artwork by: Loren Vanderbilt III

1. Windfall
2. Lost World
3. Another Sunny Day
4. All The Way To Heaven
5. Sparrow
6. Wildfire
7. Chapel Hill
8. Summer Rain
9. Gemini

Mike Turner
Crashing Through Publicity

Cover art hi-res

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