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2016 is a big year for Swedish indie pop legends Red Sleeping Beauty. They've not only had their first live appearance in 20 years, they will - more importantly - release their first album in 19 years on June 17 on limited LP, CD and digital formats.

Red Sleeping Beauty worked primarily as a duo on "Kristina" where Niklas and Mikael took the reigns. Kristina was able to take part on vocals on four songs. "The album is a tribute to her. She's had a tough struggle with cancer over the past year, but things are looking brighter now. We expect her back as a full time member on the next album," the band states.

On this album they've cultivated their love for electronic instruments and made up strict rules for the recordings: they only use analogue synthesizers and allow themselves to trim them with one acoustic guitar per song. The result is a heartfelt mix of memorable pop melodies and timeless electronica.

Even though Kristina is the band's first album in 19 year's time, it doesn't mean the members have been disconnected from making music all these years. Niklas has released numerous albums with Acid House Kings on Labrador while Mikael Matsson has released several albums with both The Charade and The Shermans on Skipping Stones Records and Shelflife. But the return is by no means a temporary one. Red Sleeping Beauty is back for good. "The writing and recording process has never been more inspiring and Kristina is about ten times better than anything we've done in the past. You've only just seen the beginning of Red Sleeping Beauty 2.0," says singer Niklas.

Kristina is a co-release with Labrador Records in a limited edition of 500 LP copies worldwide, 250 in white and 250 in yellow.


Red Sleeping Beauty formed in Stockholm in 1989 by singer Kristina Borg, singer/guitarist Niklas Angergård (Acid House Kings), guitarist Mikael Matsson (The Shermans), and bassist Carl-Johan Näsström. They made a huge impact on the international indiepop scene with two fantastic albums and a series of singles and EPs. Their first release was in 1992 with EP Pop Sounds (Marsh Marigold), followed by four 7"s all on different pop labels (Somersault, Motorway, Grimsey, and Sunday) before returning to Marsh-Marigold for the first full length Bedroom. They then signed to the legendary Siesta Records to release their fifth single Sick & Tired, their second album Soundtrack, and a compilation of singles. In 2014, the band reunited in the studio to record "Just For Fun," an Alpaca Sports cover, as well as "Merry Christmas, Marie" as a special holiday track. In 2015, pop fans rejoiced with their spectacular return to vinyl with the "Always" 7" on Shelflife. In 2016, the band played the Madrid popfest and released another 7" "Mi Amor," the band's first ever song with a chorus sung entirely in Spanish.

For fans of: Acid House Kings, The Shermans, Club 8

Praise for Red Sleeping Beauty:

"...sensuous expertly crafted electro pop..."
- God is in the TV

"it's a frickin' masterpiece"
- Nordic Spotlight

"Kristina could easily be their best album yet."
- The Revue

"Red Sleeping Beauty channel early Pet Shop Boys/Depeche Mode"
- With Guitars

"You want real pop music? Here you go."
- Austin Town Hall

Red Sleeping Beauty

limited white vinyl:
limited yellow vinyl:
Release date: June 17, 2016
Catalogue number: LIFE143
Pressing: White or Yellow LP vinyl with digital download.
Artwork by: Peter Eriksson

1. Cheryl, Cheryl, Bye
2. Always
3. Tell Me More
4. Mi Amor
5. In The Darkest Hour
6. Merry Christmas, Marie
7. Breaking Up Is Easy
8. If You Want Affection
9. Don't Give In, Don't Give Up
10 I Am The Artist
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res