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Shelflife presents the return of German pop heroes, Brideshead with their third album Never Grow Up, available on limited vinyl, CD and digital formats on September 18.

Never Grow Up is comprised of nine newly recorded songs, plus last year's single "The Mermaid" and the four gems from their "Comeback" 10" EP. The album is a dream soundtrack for a serene summer day where 90's Swedish pop and 80's jangle mingle in the air. Bask in a bath of jangly guitars, timeless melodies and gentle vocals by a band once called "the best English-vocal band currently around in Germany." They combine the finest moments from classic P!O!P! -- the summer of '82 (Orange Juice and The Pale Fountains), the class of '86 (Mighty Mighty, McCarthy, The Brilliant Corners, and The Bodines) and the freshness of 90s Swedish pop (Eggstone and The Cardigans). Layers of guitars, bass, drums, and trumpet with Martin's handsome vocals to tie it all together. This is surely the record of the summer!

Brideshead formed in spring 1993 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Through almost three decades, tours, albums, and some line-up changes, they are still every bit as fun and delightful as the day they started.

Never Grow Up LP is a co-release with Dufflecoat Records.

Praise for Brideshead:

"A great pop record to lighten the dark nights."- Trip-TV

"Light and airy pop that would fit neatly into the Sarah Records cannon... Really gorgeous lush jangle pop that's sure to be on my top whatever of the year list." - Shredding Paper

"Brideshead embody everything that is perfect about pop. There just hasn't been a band this good in so long - they're easily the best jangle guitar-pop band from the last ten years. Take the best parts of Orange Juice, Brilliant Corners, the Bodines; add a bit of Eggstone - Brideshead are better than that. " - Indiepages

"And what a thing of beauty it is. Gods, this is the stuff! I have been so in need of a record like this, and it came like an unexpected ray of sunshine out of the dark mists. It is brilliant, jangly, and extremely musical. They marry 80's guitar styles to the melodic angst of Cinarama with a hint of current swedish guitar pop and the result is gold. Pure, damn gold." - Indiepop Spinzone

"The best english-vocal-band currently around in Germany - great melodies that breathes 80s UK-pop, ace arrangements..." - Mind the Gap

"Influenced directly from neo-acoustic guitar, simple twin vocals, horns and keyboards! Tearful. It's a pleasure when you find a CD which you want to treasure through your whole life." - Hiromi Araki, Harmony

"Brideshead boten wahre Perlen im Zusammenspiel ihrer Instrumente. Die Zeitreise führte ins Jahr 1986, 1987. Brilliant Corners? Ja, vor allem als der Gast- Trompeter mitwirkte. Groossartig!" - Time Thief

Never Grow Up

Order on vinyl from Dufflecoat Records
UK Orders
Release date: September 18, 2015
Catalogue number: LIFE121
Pressing: 500 vinyl worldwide with digital download, CD and digital formats.
Artwork and Illustartion by:

1. Class of 86
2. The Mermaid
3. If I Sing For You
4. Little Promise
5. At Melancholy Bay
6. Weather Report
7. Love In June
8. At 45 rpm
9. Me and The Stars and The Sea
10. The Loneliest Boy In The World (Piano Version)
11. That Kind Of Girl
12. The World Stopped Turning
13. Love & Happiness
14. The Whole World
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res