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Shelflife presents the Sunshine Hair EP from Goodly Thousands, coming March 24th on limited 7" vinyl and digital formats.

The EP is the follow up to the nearly sold out debut 7" "Honest / I Wish," which has earned a great deal of praise from guitar pop fans worldwide. We're happy to say this EP continues right where they left off. The four songs are filled with their classic pop goodness that will absolutely knock your socks off! Lovely Bryds-y guitar lines, jangly rhythms, and Colm's perfectly crafted vocal melodies will make this one release you do not want to miss!

The band started in 2010 in the small town of Dundrum, Ireland and since then have relocated to Dublin. Colm writes all the songs, plays guitar and sings, Aaron plays drums and Darren plays bass. Fiachra McCarthy, at Heftrax studio in Dublin, did the recording and mixing and contributed a couple of extra bits of guitar and percussion. The songs are all written about single moments in time in Dublin over the past six years. "If people listen hard they might catch where exactly I'm talking about...," says Colm, "but you might have to be from here. Jangly guitars though, are for everyone."

For fans of: The Hit Parade, early Primal Scream, Brian, The June Brides, Hurrah!

Goodly Thousands
Sunshine Hair EP

Release date: March 24, 2015
Catalogue number: LIFE109
Pressing: 7" vinyl, 300 copies
Artwork by: Matthew Edwards

1. Sunshine Hair
2. Walking Home
3. Kiss Me Upside-down
4. Ponytail
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res

photos by Loreana Rushe