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Shelflife presents the new four track EP from Spain's When Nalda Became Punk entitled Indiepop or whatever! coming March 4th.

Elena Sestelo started the group as a solo project in 2006. She self-released some lovely digital singles (one under the name Nalda) and also took part in Bubbletone Discos digital singles club. In 2011, the group expanded into a duo with Roberto Cibeira joining in. That summer they released their debut 7" for theme song "When Nalda Became Punk" on UK indie pop label Pebble Records. In 2012 the band played several shows, including Madrid Popfest and recorded their debut album, A Farewell to Youth. As the previous single, it was produced and recorded by Eva Guilala and Ivan Juniper from the Spanish band Linda Guilala at their Kaiju Studios (Vigo, Spain) and was mixed and produced by Ian Catt (producer of Saint Etienne, The Field Mice, Dylan Mondegreen, The Proctors, etc). The album was released on Shelflife at the beginning of 2013. Antonio Llarena then joined the band, completing the actual formation of WNBP, and they played several shows, including the Indietracks Festival.

Now the band is ready to release Indiepop or Whatever! the new EP recorded and produced in Vigo (Spain) by Bruno Murmura. The title of the EP is an attempt to acknowledge all the musical influences in the band. Although it's obvious that indiepop is one of their main ones, they also take inspiration from 90's britpop, shoegaze, punk-pop, synthpop and even grunge. Elena explains "when sometimes people ask what kind of music we make, the answer is indiepop... or whatever you may call it." She later wrote a song with that name and it seemed to fit perfectly as the title of the EP.

"Song for Carrie Mathison", the first single from the EP, is a pure-pop song filled with energetic jangly guitars and bittersweet synths and is dedicated to Homeland's Carrie Mathison, one of Elena's and Antonio's favorite TV shows. "Indiepop or Whatever" is a twee punk-pop song written about what it's like being in a band and performing live at popfests. At times it all suddenly turns into a dream, so far away from everyday life that you'd wish it could last forever. "Daylight Saving Time" is considered by the band as Nalda's grungiest song. The noisy 90's guitars go along with lyrics about being desperately sad for not finding your place in life. "A Secret Plan", which has the super catchy electronic bass and toy synths, is a song written about hope and getting past the worst of times. When Nalda Became Punk continue to lead the new chapter of brilliant Spanish bands and we're pleased to help bring their music to the world.

For Fans of: Heavenly, Helen Love, Moving Pictures, La Pequeña Suiza, Vacaciones, Band à Part, Even As We Speak

Praise for When Nalda Became Punk:

"WNBP creates the scrappy pop of dreamers, riding on punk-infused melodies full of cotton candy and scuffed knees"
-MTV Iggy

"The sweet synth lines, speedy jangle, and electro drums recall the pop brilliance of Helen Love or Free Loan Investments!"

"If there were such a thing as a Best Punk-Pop Album of the Year award then Spain’s WNBP would have it pretty much sown up"

"WNBP has delivered a solid an enjoyable indie pop gem"
-All Music

"If there is justice in the pop world, their debut on Shelflife Records, A Farewell to Youth, will push them to the top"
-When You Motor Away

"This Spanish punk pop band should immediately shoot to the top of your list of the best new bands."

"Indie pop sounds with punk spirit."
-The Janglebox

When Nalda Became Punk
Indiepop or Whatever!

Release date: March 4, 2014
Catalogue number: LIFE103
Pressing: 300 copies
Artwork by: Elena Sestelo

1. Song for Carrie Mathison
2. Indiepop or Whatever
3. Daylight Saving Time
4. A Secret Plan
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res