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Shelflife Records continues it's comeback with the next installment of it's combo 7-inch/CD collection: "The Boy I Wish I Never Met" by A Smile and a Ribbon.

A Smile and a Ribbon is Rebecca Mehlman and Martin Lindqvist, a Swedish combo who was more-than-willing to take the unlucky fate of Rebecca's failed relationship and set it to music. The result is bubblegum pop most sanguine. But watch out, this sweet spoonful of sugar might give you a toothache if you're not careful. The Boy I Wish I Never Met is a pure P!O!P! album that draws influences from 1950's girl bands, 90's twee, and a whole lot of quirky personality. Its a not-so-innocent look at childhood fancy and lost love.

13 bittersweet songs on CD and Vinyl. A limited edition pressing of 300 copies.

Praise for A Smile and a Ribbon:

"The cutest, catchiest pop tunes you'll ever hear." - Stereo Cute
"...after hearing the new album, I think I can safely say they're one of my favorite new bands of this year. The Boy I Wish I Never Met is as cute, concise, and charming as indiepop pop can get, blending the beautiful sounds of 50s and 60s girl groups with the carefree naivete of 90s twee. The record's title track "The Boy I Wish I Never Met" is one of the best pop songs of the year, I think." - Skatterbrain

A Smile and a Ribbon
The Boy I Wish I Never Met

Release date: September 4, 2007
Catalogue number: LIFE1002
Photograph by: Xavier Gomez

Compact Disc
1. The Boy I Wish I Never Met (mp3)
2. Book Cover
3. Pebbles
4. One-Night Wonder
5. A Nice Walk In The Park
6. A Little Late To Be Polite
7. Bobby Pin
8. My Bunny's Back
9. Baby's Breath

A1. Then I Felt Your Cheek
A2. Holding Hands
B1. Miracles
B2. Sugar Daddy
One-sheet rtf
Cover art hi-res

Photo credit: David Kendrick