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We're proud to present the return of Shelflife Records, with the first of a new format that combines CD and 7" vinyl in one package: "Silver Rain" by Warm Morning.

Warm Morning is two brothers from Piacenza, Italy who play refined neo-acoustic pop music. Their delicate balance of finger-style guitars, vocal harmonies and elaborate string arrangements offers stripped-down psychedelia that comes straight from the heart.

Drawing on influences that span the past four decades, Warm Morning's polished vocal arrangements have all the charm of Liverpool's Lotus Eaters. Their unmistakable pop sensibility is worthy of comparison to the legendary Fantastic Something. We herald the return of Shelflife with this limited edition release. We only pressed 300 copies, you don't want to miss it!

Praise for Warm Morning:

"Italian brothers write earnest ballads with slight 70s nostalgia. Mostly acoustic and crooned, but there's some haunting melodies here and there. Restrained but smooth and relaxing vocals." - Endorse the Dark Horse
"...warm and relaxing, not too unlike the Kings of Convenience, and the often mentioned Lotus Eaters..." - Skatterbrain

Warm Morning
Silver Rain

Release date: May 12, 2007
Catalogue number: LIFE1001
Artwork by: Jill Bliss

Compact Disc
1. Feather
2. Behind The Curtain (mp3)
3. White Summer Daydream
4. The Ballad and a Tale
5. Jackstraw & The Crow

A. Silver Rain
B. Slow Motion Picture
One-sheet rtf
Cover art hi-res