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With the British rock and independent scene in the '80s as their main point of reference, Balloon Magic plays modern, energetic songs about love and longing. Clamorous drums anchor down jangly guitars and melodic bass lines. And above it all Jonatan's vocals hover; sometimes tender and vulnerable, sometimes defiant and demanding, but always genuine and heartfelt.

Balloon Magic hail from Odense, Denmark and began when Jonatan Magnussen, attending a boarding school, had an idea for a song. Tired of his tape recorder, he gathered his good friends and classmates Tue Einar, Mathias Vangsøe and Jeppe Kalnæs. They listened, grabbed their instruments, and a band was formed. Balloon Magic make their Shelflife debut with a four track EP entitled "Mornings." Stay tuned for their forthcoming LP in the new year.

For fans of: Felt, The Go-Betweens, The House of Love, The Ropers, The Chills, Television, The Desert Wolves

Praise for Balloon Magic:

"This four piece band plays their hearts out with their hypnotizing sound and interesting vocals which to me, could be compared to that of Beirut. Denmark definitely has a lot of hidden gems that I have only just begun to find. For a recently signed band, they definitely have plenty of potential for even greater music and I'm looking to hear more from them. " - B-cubed

Balloon Magic

Release date: November 15, 2011
Catalogue number: LIFE076
Artwork by: Matthew Edwards

1. I'd Like To Build a House (mp3)
2. Waking Up
3. Felix
4. In The Shade
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