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Soda Shop is the merging of Drew Diver (Horse Shoes) and Maria Usbeck (Selebrities), a boy and a girl who met by fate at an Embassy concert in Brooklyn, NY. The Embassy, whom heavily influenced both Drew and Maria's other acts, brought together a new duo. Though this time, leaving the drum machines and synthesizers behind for a hollow-body guitar and tambourine.

Having an obsession with perfection and nostalgia. The simple, classic pop song structure, which houses reverberating melodies under dreamy vocals, remind oneself of better times, when Coca-Cola was only twenty-five cents, the only DJ was a jukebox and all you had to worry about was who you were taking to the prom.

If you're a fan of classic girl-groups (Shangri-Las, The Ronettes) or current pop (Acid House Kings, The Cardigans, Tennis, The Raveonettes or Summer Camp) you won't want to miss out on the debut single from Soda Shop. Having already been played on Sweden's national radio station, P3 Pop, and gaining a presence across various blogs in the UK and Japan, Soda Shop's first single "Farewell" is a small taste of what's to come.

Praise for Soda Shop:

"Essentially, this 7" presents two pretty, straight forward- and very near perfect, pop songs. They are immediately evocative throwbacks to that 60s girl group sound and conversely dreamy, ethereal and interesting. Exciting stuff, then. We can only look forward to what Soda Shop have in the shop-front for us next."
- God is in the TV zine

"Well, being a sucker for sentiment and a catchy 50s-sounding tune, this Brooklyn duo caught my attention rather quickly with their track Farewell, not too long ago; and ever since then, I have found myself taking swigs, gulps and guzzles of their delicious fizzy pop Soda Shop offerings..."
- Relentless Noisemaker

"Good places to get drunk on sodas are still to be found, the kind we suggest privately to our friends... Sodas are so deliciously distilled, with the perfect proportions, a natural taste and with no extra sugar. The sparkling and poppy bubbles are quickly giving you lift and smile. This Soda Shop has only one recipe for the moment but I can't help ordering it, again and again. To be recommended!"
- Delicious Scopitone

"Soda Shop is the new project from Horse Shoes' Drew Diver and Maria Usbeck from Selebrities. They will release their debut 7" on Shelflife Records in January 2011, and wow, it does sound good! The two songs "Farewell" and "When You're Lonely" both have the classic pop-feeling of the 50s mixed with modern indiepop, lots of love and sweetness. Soda Shop's music is not full of elements and effects. Only what's needed is used in their arrangements. Their melodies are always in front, carefully coloured with clever twang-guitars, glockenspiel and packed in reverb, - lots of it."
- Eardrums

"As if ripping off the 80s wasn't enough, Maria from Selebrities, along with Drew from fey indie-pop duo Horse Shoes, have taken on girl-group pop by moonlighting as the sugary sweet Soda Shop. It's great and comparable to the likes of Tennis and even Spectrals if they weren't so damn northern."
- Viceland Music

"When it's responsible for adults dressing up in children's clothing and bland, inoffensive music, the whole twee pop movement seems like it was one of the worst things that ever happened to music. When it's adding flavour to the likes of Brooklyn's Soda Shop, it almost makes even the worst crimes of the c86 generation forgiveable. The work of Horse shoes' Drew Diver and Maria Usbeck, the duo have put together a song that aches with jangle, even fitting in some glockenspiel for posterity, but there's a lot more to their noise than being fey. The echoes of the 1950's in their name bleeds over into their sound, all windswept and distant, the soundtrack to some long forgotten matinee show."
- The Pigeon Post

Soda Shop

Release date: January 18, 2011
Catalogue number: LIFE073
Pressing: 200 white vinyl, 300 black vinyl
Artwork by: Andrew Diver

1. Farewell (mp3)
2. When You're Lonely
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res

sizes: 907x907, 852x1203

sizes: 913x913, 878x1230