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Shelflife is proud to present a new four-song EP entitled Comeback from German pop heros, Brideshead. Although they've been out of the public eye for eight years, the members of Brideshead have been honing their whimsical pop sound. The album picks up exactly where they left off: the dream soundtrack for a serene summer day where 90's Swedish pop and 80's jangle mingle in the air. Don't call it a comeback. They've been here for years, banging out music that's both referential and reverent to the pop past mixed with their own upbeat signature vocals. Available on limited 10" vinyl and digital download. Comeback is a co-release with Apricot Records.


Brideshead formed in spring 1993 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Through almost two decades, tours, albums, and some line-up changes, they still suit up for performances that both pay tribute to and reinvent the winning pop sounds of the summer of '82 and class of '86. Although Brideshead's is born from a very specific milieu -- carefree summer, English vocals, 90's Swede pop - their fans are worldwide. Their international appeal is due to releases on US, German, and Japanese labels.

Praise for Brideshead:

"Light and airy pop that would fit neatly into the Sarah Records cannon... Really gorgeous lush jangle pop that's sure to be on my top whatever of the year list." - Shredding Paper

"Brideshead embody everything that is perfect about pop. There just hasn't been a band this good in so long - they're easily the best jangle guitar-pop band from the last ten years. Take the best parts of Orange Juice, Brilliant Corners, the Bodines; add a bit of Eggstone - Brideshead are better than that. " - Indiepages

"And what a thing of beauty it is. Gods, this is the stuff! I have been so in need of a record like this, and it came like an unexpected ray of sunshine out of the dark mists. It is brilliant, jangly, and extremely musical. They marry 80's guitar styles to the melodic angst of Cinarama with a hint of current swedish guitar pop and the result is gold. Pure, damn gold." - Indiepop Spinzone

"The best english-vocal-band currently around in Germany - great melodies that breathes 80s UK-pop, ace arrangements..." - Mind the Gap

"Influenced directly from neo-acoustic guitar, simple twin vocals, horns and keyboards! Tearful. It's a pleasure when you find a CD which you want to treasure through your whole life." - Hiromi Araki, Harmony

"Brideshead boten wahre Perlen im Zusammenspiel ihrer Instrumente. Die Zeitreise führte ins Jahr 1986, 1987. Brilliant Corners? Ja, vor allem als der Gast- Trompeter mitwirkte. Groossartig!" - Time Thief


Release date: September 14, 2010
Catalogue number: LIFE071
Artwork by: Zven Keller

1. Weather Report
2. The World Stopped Turning (mp3)
3. Me And The Stars
4. Love In June
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res