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Katsen are back with a brand new digital EP entitled "Basic Pleasure Unit" following their well-received debut album "It Hertz!." For those still unfamiliar with Katsen, this is a great introduction to their uniquely quirky, DIY, electro-pop world.

The release starts off with our favorite track from the album, "Where Nobody Can Find Us", followed by three lovely new songs and closing with an extended mix of the album's gorgeous "Florian".

For fans of: Section 25, Ladytron, Mint Royal, My Favorite, Annie, Compute

Praise for Katsen:

"Alternative Album of the Week" - Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 1
"At its heart this is pop music and their effects are used to amplify rather than swamp the tunes, sometimes to heartburstingly lovely effect." - Sounds XP
"Ones to watch." - Drowned in Sound
"Keeping the light on in Brighton is Katsen, a likable duo that gives their gear bed-privileges and, in return, gets a higher level of synth-pop dedication out of them. "Constellation" is a punchy, catchy tune about the things that bind us confused little pin-pricks of light into something larger and more meaningful. It comes from Katsen's great debut album after eight years together! - It Hertz!, which has better songs and way more snap to it than the usual synth-pop workout these days." - RCRD LBL
"Glitch prog electro with hints of 50s chic and 70s krautrock; Katsen take elements from past times and genres to create their own awe inspiring sound." - Subba-Cultcha
"They are a duo who take the best of the darker side of 80's electronica, deconstruct it and produce perfect futuristic D.I.Y, pop noir." - Von Pip Musical Express
"Katsen have produced a rather grand LP that stands up well against past masters and they're probably at the top of the emerging crop of synth pop upstarts." - Oddbox
"...they look amazing. And clearly like cats. What more do you want?" - A Layer Of Chips
"Katsen have painted a musical landscape that conversely manages to be retro yet futuristic, aloof yet imbued with heartfelt emotion After all, as Roy Batty finally discovers in Bladerunner, cold analytical intellect and logic devoid of empathy and emotion are essentially empty and meaningless. The machines may well be taking over, but Katsen demonstrate these machines have human hearts." - Altsounds
"It's full of variation, from the frenetic kraut-inspired opener, Let's build a City, to the incrediby beautiful hypnotic end track Florian." - Eardrums Music
"Incredibly, with such an ambitious list of ingredients the final result is a sumptuous feast of electronic pudding." - The Music Fix
"Stuffed with both fun & reflective moods & whilst possessing a very high benchmark of quality!" - Norman Records
"A tasty slice of Casio driven electronic pop mixed with more than a healthy dollop of Krautrock." - Indie-MP3
"Conclusive proof that years spent battering away with the sound-chips on a ZX Spectrum can finally yield sparkling results." - Culture Deluxe
"Dizzily effervescent, a tad panic stricken and as catchy as swine flu, its hooks and dinky demeanour are alone more than enough to send various kitchen appliances into untold rapture while simultaneously arresting your senses with its precocious pop shocked zeal." - Losing Today
"This album is in many ways like a bunch of roses, primarily aesthetically pleasing yet possessing a few painful thorns." - Muso's Guide
"A pure, delectable stomper of a pop tune- not a note wasted- and far too good to remain hidden for much longer. An uplifting tune that works instantly and it's all rather brilliant and fun....Katsen's lead singer Donna Grimaldi looks like a pop star in waiting with a sharp Swing Out Sister haircut and some very posh English vocals." - Electronically Yours
"I think it's brilliant... amazing, even! Christopher and Donna exude a fun (and even adorable if I do say so) energy that helps make Katsen one of my favorite electro newcomers..." - Computer Love blog
"Katsen found the plethora of voices provided by such microcosms brought a joy to their hearts, singing twee psychedelic odes to the stars from where ledged had told the elders had once visited. When times were hard the people found such uplifting music important." - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
"If Lily Cole and Bagpuss cross-bred in the machine from 'The Fly' and the resulting human / cat mash-up was let loose on a Korg and a laptop, this is the music it would make!" - Happy Robots
"This is what we've been missing for such a long time, beautiful pop music. This is as good as it gets. More beautiful than love, Katsen is love... Katsen is the solution to everything... long live Katsen!!!!!!" - Mr. Blue blog
"All the joy of Mint Royale's 'Don't Falter' with even more analogue invention." "Early '80's computer game bleeps kick start an insanely catchy analogue intro with perfect English Rose Donna Grimaldi delivering lines much like Sarah Nixey of Black Box Recorder."- Electronically Yours

Basic Pleasure Unit

Release date: March 2, 2010
Catalogue number: LIFE067
Artwork by: Katsen

1. Where Nobody Can Find Us (mp3)
2. Accidents In The Home
3. A Soulless Party
4. A Pulse
5. Florian (Luminous Vinyl Mix)
Cover art hi-res