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So, we're together in the studio for the first time in three years. We have been de- icing our sequencers and the first results are in. Think 1982 with more low end and less tape hiss.

First up is "Really Like To See You Again." Another Thieves Like Us ballad written about that nonexistent other half -- she's out there somewhere in the world -- this is how it would feel to rendezvous for a romantic trip to Coney Island. Both Robert Smith and Peter Hook were unavailable to play that twangy romantic guitar, so we did it ourselves. Sounds authentic too.

The second track, "American Skies," is a politico-socio commentary about the current economic slump. Phillip K. Dick was correct. Soon the government will have us hooked up to machines, where we will be playing SECOND LIFE non-stop. Social message aside, "American Skies" sounds like a night drive out in Miami -- take this one in the car with you, boys and girls.

The third song featured here is a rerecorded version of "Desire." Guitars have been overdubbed in a more Creation Records style and we hope Alan McGee will give it a fair listen.

Lastly we present you with an old four track demo called "To Joy." This one was recorded in Berlin a long time ago. It is an early version of "Really Like To See You Again." Hopefully you can hear the distance we've travelled in the last four years.

Stay with us now.

Praise for Thieves Like Us:

"I enjoyed Thieves like us' dark electro pop on their recent album "Play Music", but I like this one even a bit more. A lighter and more pop-oriented sound on this EP, in my ears." - Eardrums

"Thieves Like Us is the newest set of electronic musicians based in France to surprise us with their impressively unique sound. Two parts Swedish and one part American, this trio decided to make their own tunes after finding Berlin's music scene disappointing. Put out by the Kitsuné Maison compilations, Pitchfork aptly calls them "playful, catchy, and woozy." With their hazy simplistic vocals and their energetic beats, it's not surprising that they list their influences as "high heels and lasers." Don't miss this fresh dancefloor daze!" - URB Magazine (web and print editions)

"It's like dipping back into an 80's movie soundtrack and finding an obscure, but oddly handsome track buried toward the end of side B." - The Sky Report

" out some coin for "Really Like to See You Again" and enjoy some of the finest electronic music of recent times." - Azltron

"Everything you need for a home dance party is there: a driving beat, a melancholy synth line that's to die for, and some equally melancholy and catchy vocals. I don't really need to explain much more." - Sugar Sours

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Thieves Like Us
Really Like To See You Again

Release date: June 9, 2009
Catalogue number: LIFE061
Artwork by: Konst and Teknik

A1. Really Like to See You Again (mp3)
A2. American Skies
B1. Desire
B2. To Joy
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res