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Thieves Like Us is a musical vehicle -- an elegant starship, pointed straight to the heart of the listener. They align themselves musically with Europe, and consider Paris their home (although none of them are French).

Pontus Berghe (drums) and Bjorn Berglund (keyboards) are from Sweden. Andy Grier (vocals) is from the United States. They met at a picnic in Berlin.

People often ask them to describe their sound, and although they encompass a variety of influences, they ultimately consider themselves to be a POP BAND. Yes, the production style is both disco and hip-hop, but the sheer strength of the melodies and emotional depth of the songs makes them classics.

Their first album "Play Music" was written, recorded and mixed in the cities of New York, Berlin, Vienna, London, Rio De Janeiro and Stockholm. They claim the album is mostly about love gone wrong (Drugs In My Body, Lady) and identity problems(Program of The First Part, Headlong Into Night).

But no matter how you interpret Thieves Like Us if you have a pulse, you'll know their songs by heart already.

Praise for Thieves Like Us:

"A contender for electronic album of the year." - BBC

"Lovers of new wave and electronica would love to march with the electronic trio's combination of intentionally barren soundscape and booming collection of both up-tempo and down-tempo beats." - FHM

"The album's eleven songs are characterized by repetitive programmed hooks and minimal arrangements that are more atmospheric than dance-inducing, which ultimately make for one cool record." - The Scope

"The seductiveness of an album like Play Music is in the strength of its skeletal nature, in the unvarnished and austere compositions, and in the breadth of emotion explored within this unembellished format -- all of which Thieves Like Us succeed and excel at. " - It's A Trap

Play Music is one of Ameoba Music's top 100 albums of the decade. -

"'Your Heart Feels' is probably the coldest and most detached sounding track on their debut album Play Music. It's almost like Interpol if they became more dancey and bought a fuzz pedal for Carlos Dengler's bass. The lyrics repeat in the same rhythmic fashion, though unlike Interpol, Thieves Like Us seem harder to pin down." - Q Magazine

"Thieves Like Us have embedded cross-European club vibes deep into the shiny grooves of their spinning revelry." - - Bearded Magazine

"I've become quite addicted to Thieves Like Us. Their recent album Play Music is out on Shelflife Records and it pulls at my heartstrings cause it reminds me of New Order, Kraftwerk and Hot Chip, all faves of mine." - - Something Velvet Blog

"With their hazy simplistic vocals and their energetic beats, it's not surprising that they list their influences as "high heels and lasers." Don't miss this fresh dancefloor daze!" - URB Magazine (web and print editions)

"[Drugs in My Body is] a playful going-out disco track with a catchy melody and woozy textures that fit in well beside labelmates like Simian Mobile Disco and Hot Chip. With lyrics about heartache as well as partying, the song is actually more conflicted than its drug-taking title/ mantra suggests." - Pitchfork

"Thieves Like Us finally look set to blow up in a manner deserving of a band who are making some of the most exciting and charrged electronic music around. With so many bands promising so much but repeatedly failing to deliver, here is a band that has truly paid its dues and is actually worth getting excited about..." - Pimp Magazine

"[Drugs in My Body] plays like a lost track from the Trainspotting soundtrack. A little New Order, a little Daft Punk, a lot of dance floor fun. A tribute to tripping. 3hive does not condone illegal drug use (at least not before breakfast), but we fully support dropping beats that induce body moving euphoria. Tune into these two Swedes and a Yankee and let yourself go." - 3hive

"Play Music is a really good album, - varied, consistent and full of surprises... This is one that lasts." - Eardrums

"I'm not sure I've listened to much else this week except for Play Music, the debut album from Thieves Like Us. Sure to make a future appearance of my Top Albums of 2009 list, Play Music is a brilliant pop romp with just the right amount of guitars for every strike of the keyboard. Laced with gentle synths and drowsy vocals, Play Music is the perfect homage to the early electronic rock greats of the 1980's that never feels cheesy or forced." - Creamteam

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Thieves Like Us
Play Music

Release date:
LP: March 10, 2009
CD: April 14, 2009
Catalogue number: LIFE058
Artwork by: Konst and Teknik

1. Program Of The First Part
2. Drugs In My Body (mp3)
3. Fass
4. An Easy Tonight
5. Lady
6. Program Of The Second Part
7. Your Heart Feels (mp3)
8. Miss You
9. Desire
10. Headlong Into Night
11. Sugar And Song
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res