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Brideshead "In and Out Love"
Let us invite you to a bath of jangly guitars, timeless melodies and a gentle voice by a band once called "the best English-vocal band currently around in Germany." Brideshead's new cd album "In and Out Love" is comprised of gems from their previously released 7"s in addition to newly recorded songs. Being their first domestic release in the US (following releases on Germany's Marsh-Marigold and Apricot Records), this album will give you an overview of the last seven years of their music.

Brideshead combine the best moments in classic P!O!P! -- the summer of '82 (Orange Juice and The Pale Fountains), the class of '86 (Mighty Mighty, McCarthy, The Brilliant Corners, and The Bodines) and the freshness of 90s swedish pop (Eggstone and The Cardigans). Layers of guitars, bass, drums, and trumpet with Martin's handsome vocals to tie it all together. This is surely the record of the summer!

1. Same Story, Different Day
2. Lie That Tells the Truth
3. Books & TV
4. Sincerely Yours
5. Swinging Love
6. Books 'n' Bossa
7. Present Time
8. If You Could Love Me
9. One Your Trail
10. Sysiphos
11. When I'm In Love
12. Life Is Scheduled
13. No Answer
14. Morning

"On Your Trail" MP3