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Souvenir "Points de Suspension"
Souvenir's first full-length album, "Points de Suspension," has all of the ingredients for being the perfect pop record. Clean jangly guitars, sophisticated female vocals, and just the right amount of horns and keyboards are combined with mid tempo drum beats. Souvenir has taken all the best elements of pop and created their own sound: classic, yet classy.

Although Souvenir is from Spain, their songs are sung in French. This album will appeal to anyone who enjoys French pop. Songs like "Comme d'Habitude" and "Au Bout Du Compte" are decidedly French-sounding, with sexy, almost whispered vocals. "Des Tours Pour Audrey" and "Premier Essai" show Souvenir's dance-y side, and are not unlike La Buena Vida. The whole album is upbeat except the lovely "Rues Arriere," which allows Patricia's voice to shine.

1. Le Temps Perdu
2. Comme D'habitude
3. Points de Suspension
4. Au Bout Du Compte
5. Je Tiens Ma Parole
6. Des Tours Pour Audrey
7. Rien De Nouveau
8. Spring Rain
9. Premier Essai
10. J'arrive
11. L'avers
12. Rues Arriere
13. Harley Davidson

"Au Bout du Compte" MP3