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Phoebe Quest "The Windward Sound"
"The Windward Sound" is the first offering from Phoebe Quest, fronted by ex-Fairways drummer Zachary Stanley. This is guitar-based pop with rhythms that will get you moving. Zac sings and plays most of the instruments (drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, and even a mandolin!), and he gets some help from Jared, Kim, Jay, and Nancy from Sushi on a few songs.

"The Windward Sound" is reminiscent of the mid to late 80's pop sound, focusing mostly on guitar and vocals, but adding subtleties that embellish the songs without being too obvious. Listen for the piano, vibes, and percussion that hide amongst the beautiful melodies. "Minutes and Seconds" begins the ep with beautiful trumpets, strings, and trombone. "Crooked Rhythm" is a surprisingly quiet, folky tune. The cd ends with the upbeat and jangly "Jet Set on a Bike." Phoebe Quest has created a solid, feel-good ep that will appeal to anyone with an ear for clever, quality pop music.

1. Minutes And Seconds
2. Deadly Dotti
3. The First Phase At High Noon
4. Echelon Form
5. Crooked Rhythm
6. Jet Set On A Bike

"Minutes and Seconds" MP3