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The Shermans "Casual"
Shelflife records is proud to present the re-release of The Shermans debut "Casual." Originally released in Japan (on the Quince label) and in the Philippines (on Universal), it has become a hard-to-find treasure featuring all of the Shermans early singles and compilation tracks on one cd. The Shelflife re-release will include one bonus track not found on previous releases.

"Casual" features 18 tracks recorded from 1997-1999, just prior to their "In Technicolor" album. Each song is filled with fresh guitar pop encompassing jazz, soft rock, and 60s Motown into a seamless mix of timeless classics. Some songs feature the band's original vocalist, Torbjorn Thorsen, who is now a member of Sweden's spectacular Aerospace.

1. The Myth Of Being Alone
2. Happy Being Lonely
3. My Favorite Cuppa
4. Loud And Laughing
5. Springtime Sunshine
6. Snowsong
7. Disneyland
8. Are You Near ?
9. Rush Hour
10. Best Of Friends
11. Summer In Your Heart
12. My Cue
13. Fling
14. Fly Away
15. Ever After
16. Leaving Tracks
17. My Animated World
18. Sun Beach Summer

"Summer In Your Heart" MP3