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Sushi "The Quiet Space Between Houses"
Oakland's Sushi make their debut to Shelflife with their first long player "The Quiet Space Between Houses." Eleven tracks of international pop, full of lush orchestral sounds, ultra jazzy guitars, warm hammond organ and superb drumming; all coupled with a brooding lyrical bent. Imagine Echo and The Bunnymen's epic "Ocean Rain," "Pillar To Post"-era Aztec Camera and modern scan-indie sounds mixed into one seething brew. Their singer, Nancy, has a vocal style mixing Frida from Sweden's Cinnamon and St. Etienne's Sarah Cracknell. If you're a fan of Tokyo's Neo-Acoustic music scene or the smell of rain on asphalt, this will certainly be on your top 10 list for 2000.

1. By The Teeth
2. These Are Laugh Lines
3. Strip Mall Breed
4. 1989
5. Joan
6. Modern Air
7. Soundtrack
8. All Night With Menthols
9. Then I Fell
10. Out Of Hand
11. Ever Since The Vagrants Left

"Strip Mall Breed" MP3