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River "River"
Mr. River has been making and recording music in his home studio in Nantes, France for the past five years. Culled from an archive of over 50 songs, the 20 tracks on his Shelflife debut cd highlight Mr. River's genius. Songs so personal, so emotional...songs that give us a glimpse into his life.

What's it like to enter the mind of River? You'll find yourself riding a glass rollercoaster as you're given a tour of his musical amusement park. You'll be swaying to bossa-tinged pop songs with techno beats, grooving to mid-fi dance numbers, or composing a choreographed dance routine to the random cabaret show stopper. No matter the tempo, each song is grounded by the tender and hushed melodies of River's unique vocal stylings.

The opening track "Better Than You," is a bossa dub masterpiece, recalling the finer moments of Joao Gilberto and Erasmo Carlos -- but twisted around and mixed into a drunken splendor. From there you'll be grooving to the dancy "Harold The Wonder Boy," which centers around a lovely jazz saxophone. Other highlights include the dance hit "Writing", the French cabaret number "The Hairdresser" and the child-like musical "Me and Naomi." From beginning to end, you won't be satisfied with only one visit to the world of River.

1. Better Than You
2. At Home
3. Happy Summer Nights
4. Harold The Wonder Boy
5. Writing
6. Le Top Model
7. Les Volets Verts
8. Street Of Desire
9. Will You Marry Me ?
10. The Recital Of My Life
11. The Hairdresser
12. Let's Climb To The Moon
13. Switch On
14. Miss Dolly
15. The Bridge
16. Pet's Field
17. Un Diner Sur L'Herbe
18. Me And Naomi
19. Dream On
20. Thank You

"Better Than You" MP3