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Following their well received 7" single, The Castaway Stones present a 10 song cd masterpiece: "Make Love to You." Pam, Greg, Dan and Ara play lush pop with harmonies galore that recall The Byrds, Love and C86 Primal Scream. This cd is a collection of songs recorded in the summer of 1998 before Pam's departure to the UK. If you're a fan of Glo-worm, Seashell Sea or any of the many bands Pam and crew have been in, you should definitely give this a listen. Easily the most luscious pop treat of the year and the cd of summer 1999.

For fans of: The Pines, Glo-worm, Seashell Sea, The Saturday People, The Byrds, The Association

The Castaway Stones
Make Love To You

Release date: April 1999
Catalogue number: LIFE011

1. Up All Day
2. Lost And Found
3. Night Time Is The City's Only Star
4. Rose In The Devil's Garden (mp3)
5. The Revolution Creaks On A Bed
6. Under London Skies
7. Pinball, 1973
8. Brazil
9. Autumn II
10. Everybody's Having A Good Time