compact disc
The Crooner "Heaven Airlines"
Exquisite throughout, serene and delicate in moments... The Crooner's new cdep "Heaven Airlines" definitely has the music to lift you up to the heavens. Your departure point is beautiful Greece, surrounded by lush greenery and azure blue seas - the home of this gifted indie pop balladeer. Your journey begins with the seductive, bossa nova-enriched pop music of the song "Billy Liar." Next, you are delighted with the lively and danceable "Love Makes The Sun Shine Bright" and the complete sophistication of "Smiles." More of The Crooner's tender and hushed melodies follow in the songs "Over The Rainbow" and "Irene's Song," along with some surprises for good measure. Once arriving to the end of the cd, your flight to the heavens seems too short - but very sweet.

1. Billy Liar (Bossa Nova 1965)
2. Loves Makes the Sun Shine Bright
3. Smiles
4. Over the Rainbow
5. Irene's Song
6. Kiss The Sky (Bossa Nova 2001)
7. Rainbow

"Over The Rainbow" MP3