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Autocollants drawing

CD Album

why couldn't things just stay the same? sleeve

1. Why Couldn't Things Just Stay The Same?
- Shelflife Records (LIFE 009)
We Can't Have It All, Nothing At All, Casa, Polyensemble, Another Thursday, Beyond The Reef, Tennis Racket, Candy Coasted Kisses, Four and a Half, The Simple Things, Apple Vines, High School Summer, Trio

7" Records

tennis racket sleeve casa sleeve

1. Tennis Racket - Drive-In Records (Drive 04) - edition of 600
Tennis Racket, Trio, Skybloom, Butterscotch, High School Summer

2. Casa - Tinseltones Records (Tint 002) - edition of 1000
Casa, 16th Street, You Change My Mind Forever, Four and a Half, I Keep Falling Backwards


gas money sleeve

1. Gas Money - Shelflife Records (Life 003) - edition of 70
Polyensemble, Candy Coated Kisses (new version), Aurora, Waiting For Tim


whirlwheels sleeve I've Got It Now sleeve something cool sleeve
Pop Machine sleeve this is stereophonic sunshine sleeve zoephile
you make me smile indie aid abroad epithalamia

1. Whirl-Wheels CD - Shelflife Records (LIFE 001)
Tennis Racket

2. I've Got It Now cassette - Shelflife Records - edition of 350
Candy Coated Kisses

3. Something Cool CD - Cher Doll Records (Cher 009)
Apple Vines

4. Pop Machine cassette - Cowly Owl (Calf 7997)

5. This is Stereophonic Sunshine CD - Sandcastle Records (castle 1)
Why Can't Things Just Stay The Same?

6. Zoéphile CD - Z & Zoé (ZAZ 008)
Polyensemble, Candy Coated Kisses

7. You Make Me Smile CD -Shelflife Records (LIFE 010)
We Can't Have It All

8. Indie Aid Abroad CD -Drive-In Records/Library Records (drive42/ahhh10)

9. Epithalamia CD -Clairecords Records (FERN 11)
Send Me Back

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